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Liechtenstein to issue two commemorative coins


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The principality of Liechtenstein plans to issue two commems this year. A silver coin (face value 10 franken) and a gold coin (50 fr) are scheduled for July. The occasion is "200 years sovereign principality". http://www.200jahre.li


Here is more info http://www.presseportal.ch/de/story.htx?nr=100504819 in German about the coins. Both pieces will feature Prince Johann I, one of the founding members of the Rheinbund which was an alliance of more or less independent countries under Napoleon's control. But unlike the other Rheinbund members, Liechtenstein is still a sovereign country. The other side of the coins will show the CoA of Liechtenstein.


Liechtenstein does not issue any circulation coins but uses Swiss francs. Even commemorative pieces from LI are fairly rare though: The last commems were issued in 1990 ...



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Here is an image of the 50 franken gold piece:








The 10 franken silver coin has the same design.




By the way, according to this press release http://www.presseportal.ch/de/story.htx?nr=100512534 (German) the proceeds will be donated to the charity organization "Menschen für Menschen" http://www.menschenfuermenschen.org/en/ for humanitarian aid in Ethiopia.



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And i accused US State Quarters of being Clipart designs!


Looks suspiciously like the Duke of Wellington to me.




Well, they did all wear those silly Regency clothes...

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