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Random Stuff from the Cleanup - EXPIRED

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I just organizes everything in my collection other then world coins. That includes more then you think :lol:


Anyways, got some stuff I would like to sell:


[3] 2001 5 State Quarter Collection Gold Plated $5 (in capsules on a display card)


[5] 2004 US California Lotto Luke Skywalker Metal $1 (raw, good condition)


[6]2004 US California Lotto Princess Leah Metal $1 (in oigional sleeve, good condition)


[7] 3 x 1999 Don Laughlin's Riverside resort $1 Casino Tokens $1 each, $2.50 for all 3 (Used condition)


<s>[1]</s> 1982 90% Silver Proof Washington Commemorative Half Dollar $5 (Origional Box And cert of auth, Perfect Condition) Sold


<s>[2]</s> 1982 US Cent starter set. 1982 P and D Large Date Copper, 1982 D Small Date Zinc, and 1982 Large Date Zinc $0.50 (All coins from circ and in good condition, all in 2x2s) Sold


<s>[4]</s> 2005 Terry Fox Coin Collector Card w/ Terry Fox Dollar. $2 (Folder for 2005 Canada coins, Dollar included, also holds cent, nickel, dime, quarter and 2 Dollar) Sold



Please feel free to ask any questions. Pictures apon request.


Shipping starts at 50 cents.


Thanks for looking,


-Bobby :ninja:

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Can I get a picture of this, so I can know what I am getting.  (yes, I want it, whatever it is!)


Pardon the fuzzy images, but you get the idea:


The front.



It opens to display the coins.




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Pictures Requested:


Luke (#5) Obverse


Leah (#6) Obverse


Her nose was like that when I get her.




The "cent" in the top of this will be Cheryls Ugly coin entry... Im not sure what is up with the barcode but it is just a sticker and you could easily remove it if you wished.



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Hehe, I never thought of that, but the sticker says so.


These were not put out by the US Mint, these are Medals that were offerd by the Lottery here in California to go along with the Star Wars Scratchers.



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