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A new addition to my Heard.....rainbow Reverse!!!


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Picked this one off Ebay for what I felt was a real bargain and it sure is a lot prettier than the original scan used........this will make a real nice addition to my NGC Toned Signature Set.


This has a ton of luster for a Buffalo Nickel which adds that extra pop to the fabulous colors!!! :lol:


Color Shot



Luster Shot




Please feel free to post your favorite specimens in this Thread.....I'd love to see them :ninja:

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As a newbie to this hobby,  can you fill me in on how this rainbow effect happens to coins?  Is it an anomly that only happens to silver/silver content coins?  I think the look is really neat!  thanks for sharing



It is toning and is caused by various things in the environment. Typically sulphur for silver. A lot of coins are stored in paper holders of one kind or another and a lot of paper has sulphur in it. Humidity, temperature, etc can affect it to.


Beware because there are artificial means to tone coins that are often detectable and not worth a premium.


Other metals can tone too as is seen with that Buff or even with a Lincoln toning Brown. Gold doesn't really tone much if at all but it is typically mixed with copper and that can lead to some color.

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Awesome Buff, Shane !!! :ninja:

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