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World Money Fair 2006


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This year's World Money Fair will open in Berlin (DE) in two weeks. On February 3-5 more than 50 mints from all over the world present their programs. Among the highlights are

- the official issue of the first German €2 state coin (Schleswig-Holstein),

- visitors can get a "mint passport" and then collect coins and other goodies from about 20 mints,

- various mints will not only present their 2006 issues but also sell them at the WMF.


This time the special guests are the Nordic mints (DK, FI, NO, SE). The schedule of the show is here:



... and these are the planned activities:

(shamelessly stolen from the WMF website :ninja: )


* The World Money Fair Berlin is carried out in co-operation with the Numismata Berlin and their exhibitors.


* First auction in Berlin of the renowned auctioneers "F. R. Künker" (Osnabrück) on Thursday, 2 February 2006, at the start of the World Money Fair 2006.


* Handing-over of the first 2-Euro commemorative coin by Karl Diller, parliamentary undersecretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance, to a high-ranking representative of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein on the opening day of the fair (Friday, 3 February 2006).


* Exchange of the first collector's issue of the first German 2-Euro commemorative coin at the stand of the Federal Securities Administration.


* First minting of Krügerrand coins (special issue of the fair with special marking and strictly limited edition) outside South Africa at the stand of the South African Mint and the Staatliche Münze Berlin. The coins are sold at the fair.


* Once a day the "10,000-Euro shot at goal" - the visitors of the fair can shoot at a goal wall and win 10,000 Euro. All day shooting at the goal wall to qualify as finalist.


* The FIFA presents the coin programme for the Football World Championship 2006.


* Sale of all German 10-Euro football coins at the FIFA stand at nominal value.


* 2,500 World Mints Passports to collect attractive coins of mints from all over the world.


* Every day lottery with five German 100-Euro football gold coins at the stand of the German Coin Dealers' Association e.V.


* Exhibition of the world's biggest gold coin, of the Austrian Philharmonic made of 1,000 ounces (31.1 kg). Visitors can have a photograph of themselves shot with this coin.


* Activity of the company World Coins International in co-operation with the Berlin Zoo to support the Pandas.


* The "wheel of fortune" will go round several times a day at the stand of the German Coin Dealers' Association e.V.


* Seminars for upcoming collectors at the stand of the German Coin Dealers' Association e.V.


* 20 international mints will present their novelties in the International Media Forum which will also be accessible for collectors for the first time (Friday, 3 February 2006).


* For the first time the coin programmes of the participating international mints of the year 2006 will be exhibited at the fair. Some of them will already be available.


* About 250 exhibitors from more than 45 countries all over the world (state-owned and private mints, wholesalers and retailers, accessories, manufacturers of machines and primary products.


* Different mints will issue special editions for the fair with corresponding privy marks.


* The guests of honour of this event, the Nordic Mints (the mints of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark), will have several surprises in store for the visitors of the fair.


* The Monnaie de Paris, the official mint of France, is planning a special programme for children and young people.


* On Sunday afternoon the fair will end by handing over the guest-of-honour title to the guest of honour of the World Money Fair 2007, to China.


General information about the WMF 2006:


Activities of exhibitors:


(this is what I copied and pasted above)


And of course yours truly cannot go. Bummer. Oh well, maybe next year ...



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