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Need Krause numbers


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I have received a couple of Thai 10 baht commems, the pastyear and I can't find two of them in my 2004 Krause.


Anyone here with a newer edition of the 1901-present catalog who can help me out?


I already found out some info, but I miss the Krause numbers Y# xxx


This is them:


Thailand BE 2546/2003 150th Anniversary of Rama V.






Thailand BE 2546/2003 Centenary of Army Inspectors General Department.



borrowed image from wbcc-online.com, mine is (obviously) not encased





Thanks in advance

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I can't find the first one in my 2005 Krause... They must have given up on Thai commems because there were so many issued. :ninja: Anyone with 2006?



I have it, but the 1st coin is not shown or mentioned. There are two 10 baht coins that are listed for the date BE2546, but they are not the one in question.

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