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    World coins and banknotes, esp. silver and bimetalllic coins.
  1. Also interested in buying 2 or 3 1878 Morgan dollars, Vg-F or even VF coins, just looking to get some decent examples. PM me or email me: cowhodan@gmail.com Daniel
  2. Hi everybody; Im looking to buy common roman or byzantine coins, nothing special just regular coins, preferably identified and in 2x2 holders. Im mainly interested in purchasing 10-50 coins. Any offers please pm me or mail me to cowhodan@gmail.com Thanks! Daniel
  3. Hi everyone, After being away for a long time, Im back selling some stuff $1 series 471 (in my opinion VF) Price $40 PM for image. Daniel
  4. if I had one I could offer it to you, but they havent arrived yet to my bank , I think there are some mexican sellers that offer them on ebay...
  5. How many designs can you put on a coin ? the map of coahuila, a turtle, grapes, a church, a cavern with a mining truck, a dam, Christ, two chimneys and other strange objects...
  6. I was there about 2 weeks ago for the convention and visited the store also bought several pieces of these $100 pf coins, with a mintage of only 6000 pcs I guess they'll be hard to obtain in the future.
  7. Well it seems that the seller had mistakenly wrote that the price was $25, the real price is $450
  8. I dont know much about US coins and I saw this one for sale (very cheap), what do you think of it? fake or original?
  9. Fourth coin released, it depicts a mayan jade mask:
  10. Thanks for the replies, I'll use acetone and see what happens, I dont think it can get worse..
  11. Its .999 gold, is it possible that they are copper spots?
  12. I have a mexican gold proof coin that has some red/brown spots, I have no idea where they came from as the coin is in its capsule but I dont like them, is it possible to use acetone on a proof coin to remove those spots or it will get damaged? Thanks
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