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2005 Golden Rose 50 Cents Proof


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92.5% Silver

Gold plated rose




from coin insert:


The Golden Rose - When spring reveals the gold of summer


When the first pioneers began arriving in Canada as long as 300 years ago, many were eager to bring the botanical treasures from their homeland with them. The first roses to arrive in Canada were from France, but they were ill equipped to endure the extreme climatic conditions of North America.


It wasn't until the last century that hardier varieties began to tempt their fate against the Canadian winter. One of the most notable is Rosa Hugomis or Father Hugo's rose, named after Father Hugh Scallion, the missionary who discovered this beautiful yellow rose in China and sent it to England in 1899. It wasn't long before its tough-disposition was discovered, and the Golden Rose of China was brought to Canada.


Every spring, despite the ravages of winter, this 2.5 m (8 ft) tall shrub will produce a bounty of delicate blooms. Their perfect yellow is a sight to behold, this vigorous beauty is a gardener's dream.

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