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Viet Cong Banknotes


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I found the motherload at my local coin shop today!!


It's a pack of NLF banknotes, 100 of them, and I'm 99.9% sure the brownish packaging is original.


Supposedly (as I remember from the Krause book), US troops intercepted a courier with these banknotes, who confiscated them and eventually they made it to collectors. They're valued at $11 apiece, with the 10 and 50 Xus being the rarest denominations, and although easy to find in XF-AU condition, are quite difficult to find in UNC. The dealers I have checked sell them for $8-11.


I'm in shock to have been able to find 100 of them in the original packaging, nearly all of them (except the outside two) being in crisp unc. condition... I'm definitely going to bring them to a show, and try and find out more.


Does anyone have a Krause at hand who can type exactly what it says about these notes? They're South VietNam P-R3.



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Central Committee of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam


1963 ND Issue

Were printed in China for use in territories under control of the National Liberation Front. They were never issued, but many were captured during a joint US/South Vietnam military operation into Cambodia.

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Heh, by "my local coin shop" I meant the one in my area. My own store is something I'm aiming for in the future, when I get more into other numismatics.


Normally there isn't many world banknotes there, but someone just happened to trade the pack for a discount on some ancient coin... so I went ahead and made an offer. :ninja:

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