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Bulk silver


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I haven't bothered with that stuff in many years. It's been a long slow climb for the precious metals. They may yet fall back to or below their original amounts.


I've investigated the bags of US coins. Figured I could always sort through and make a few collections out of them. Never tried it.

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  Thanks guys, Yeah I think I would rather have coins of numismatic value than just junk silver too 


... in that case, you'll love paper! ;) It has no intrinsic value and nothing but numsmatic value... :ninja:


What constitutes "numismatic" value? There is a Silver Art Bars collector society. You can buy these for something above spot. If you like themes, you can collect Cars, Guns, Ships, or whatever.


You can buy "Cuatemoc" Mexican large silver coins for close to spot. The same is true of Maple Leafs, American Eagles, Britannias and so on. These are as "numismatic" as Proof sets, as far as I can tell.


Then there is 19th century European junk silver. You can get Sterling for below spot. Of course, if you sell, you seel below spot. It is something to spend $18 or $20 on a handful of florins, shillings, and sixpence from Queen Victoria. Then there are the Latin Monetary Uniion coins, all at .800 fine and usually below spot, you can pursue something like 25 different nations, Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, and more, all for the price of "junk" silver -- and most of this is 19th century coinage. You cannot get Seateds and Barbers for melt.


You can get a roll of Mercury Dimes or Walking Liberty Halves for a few points over melt. Each one tells its own story in the pattern of wear. You pay more a few percent more for Mercs (or Walkers), but you get a little bit more. It is nice to have a Walker and five Mercuries in your pocket.


Junk? I guess it all depends...

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  By junk I mean real culls which I do not want.


I might be belaboring the point, here, but it is understood that when we say "junk" we mean common circulated 90% silver US coins, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, Walkers, Franklins, and Kennedys.


Mercury Dimes, and Standing Liberty Quarters tend not to end up in bags. Walkers might be worth a bit more, but if you buy a bag $1000 face of half dollars, you are going to find perhaps one-fifth to one-third are Walking Liberties. Franklin Halves and Kennedys will be the great majority.


You might find a true "cull" or two -- defaced, scratched -- but bags of US silver typically do not contain true culls, just as they do not contain true rarities. However, buy going through bags of circulated silver, you can find lower mintages and better grades.


For all of that, though, I understand that what you are looking for is coins of true numismatic value that also happen to be made of silver. Silver strikes up nicer than nickel or anything else ever will.

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Yes Mike,


Common dates are fine, a mixed bag is fine, just don't want true JUNK. Would prefer having coins earlier than Franlins though.All coins that are in G or better have numismatic value to me anyway. Just happen to me made of silver. I am not looking for an investment, just want to build a small cache of things that my kids and grandkids will inherit.



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I recently thought of a cool idea to make owning bulk silver more fun. If you are into playing poker at all (who isn't these days it seems!), use the dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars as 4 different denominations of poker chips. Enjoy the distinctive ring of that quality metal as the "chips" go into the pot!

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