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Unlisted on Krause


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Hi to everybody.

This 1 pfennig coin, is NOT listed on Krause.

Is a Brunswick-Calenberg-Hannover 1 pfenning 1737 IAB, and should be a KM215.1 (for signature IAB and year), BUT there are big differences (much like 215.2).

1) little trees at sauvage's feet

2) crosses instead of flowers/stars near the I of I Pfenning

3) greater scripts


Any idea? Is obviously unlisted on Krause, but I need to know where to find them: maybe in other books, I think... but where? Can someone have a look for me?


Many thanks!


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I never saw your original post and I'm not able to help you now that I've seen the followup. Just wanted to say hello and to let you know that we're not an unfriendly ignore the new folks kind of group. Sorry no one seems to have any helpful info.

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