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OMG price madness


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;) The first time when I saw it, quite a fair bit of the prices did hit 4 digit figures and there are some that easily hit 5 digit figures. :ninja: There are plenty of highlights there, from several Imperial Russian commemorative coins to 1701 Peter I ducat. The prices just made me feel miserable though ;) 5 figures is definately not an exception there and it has been some time when I finally saw a 12 ruble platinum coin for auction... not that I am able to buy it or even touch it... I sure wouldn't mind looking at an image of it... :lol:


This is the link to the whole russian coin auction although it's almost all in German... Link


You need to click on "GROSSFUERSTENTUM / KAISERREICH" for Imperial Russian coins :cry:


Also, you can check out the exceeding rare Soviet 2 ruble trial coin - this is not struck on a normal planchet and was definately strictly for internal tests. You can see the circular "discs" in the coin and even the planchet number if you look carefully... which explains why the price is an insane figure...


Nevertheless... enjoy... :D

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I was really wondering if those came from a museum... because having that many coins and at those grades are ALMOST impossible to find. To find that many at once is almost ridicious if not, a dream...

Not necessary. Russia is big country, and if you are able from Australia to build a decent collection, think how many opportunities to acquire rarities have an rich Russian in Moscow or Sankt Petersburg...

Or think what happens if you were the son of a former KGB general 25 years ago...

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