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Over printed £20 note


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My very first impression is that it is faked, because of the reverse printing. I am not too bog on error notes, but perhaps others might be able to chime in with their expertise on how a plate would print backwards. Doesn't seem too likely to me, but i'm not easy to confuse. :ninja:

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i have to agree with lostdutchman, it looks like a wet transfer error to me too.


here's how it happens:


first, for better visualization, a basic intaglio printing set-up.



now, imagine that for some reason the press is rolling but the paper/felt blanket wasn't there, (someone forgets to load a new sheet/doesn't load it fast enough/doesn't turn it off/etc). the ink from the plate gets transferred onto the top cylinder, which is still rolling. the next time a paper sheet passes through, the ink get imprinted from the cylinder onto the sheet's reverse side, but in mirror image.


here's another example of a note with a wet transfer error.




it's too bad your note circulated that much without somebody rescuing it sooner. :ninja:

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It looks worse than what it is, but it has been fairly well circulated (got it from an ATM). looking very closely at the note, I can see that the words ‘Bank of England’ is printed fully (as a mirror image), and looking at other notes, the foil hologram covers part of those word, this leads me to believe that the note is a genuine error note as the word would have been partly covered by the hologram if it had been copied.

I was going to put it on ebay – what do you think it is worth?

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