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Online Price Guide?


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Library for sure. At mine you can rent out the book for a month, return it for a few days, and re-rent it. I doubt someone will come in during those few days and get that same book.

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If you know what country/countries your coins are from, and don't mind descriptions in German, you could try this online catalog of 20c world coins:




First you click on a letter to get to a list of country names that start with that letter; then you click the country name. These PDF files are from an older (1999) version of the Schön catalog of world coins. Note that the prices are still in DM; divide by two and you get the approximate value in € or $. The current version of the Schön catalog is, like pretty much any other coin catalog, not available online.


But if you can get that "Standard Catalog of World Coins" at a library nearby, that would actually be easier. Partly because it's in English, and also because the coins are primarily sorted by face value.



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