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Red Seal/Green Seal $1 and $2 Bills


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I know very little about currency. A friend of mine just handed me some $2 red seal bills - 2 are from the 1953 series and 1 is from 1928. They are all worn. Any value?


She also has 6 brand new dollar bills with sequential numbers - green seals - from 1963. Can someone tell me what these might be worth?


Thanks for any help you can give me.




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The $2 are probably worth $3-5 depending on series and condition. The 1963 $1 bills might be worth $20-30 for the group, and since they are consecutive you'd want to sell them as a group.


Also, there were many series for each of those years ($2 went from 1928 through 1928-G, 1953-1953-C, 1963-1963B or C, I can't recall), so if any have letters below the year it might shed more light on the value.

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