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2000 P Massachusetts Quarter white edge - not silver


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Searching for silver quarters in circulation I found one that I thought it is a silver quarter because of its edge,

just white as all silver ones, however once I took it in my hands I realized that it bears regular date from 2000 and it is  P mint (so not silver).

All quarters from P and D mints have visible copper colors on its edge. But not this one.

I placed it on scale and its weight is 5.84 grams - compared to another regular was 5.68. 

Does anyone know why this quarter has a white color nickel edge and has no copper there ?   

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I'd send it into a grading company or have a coin expert look at it in person and they could tell you what is it

cause two things pop into mind post mint damage or mint error

and to figure out which one it really is a coin expert will need to see the coin



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If it was silvered how to check it? 

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Hopefully someone will come up with a easier answer then mine. I knew someone who did metal inspection and had one of the XRF non destructive testers. If silver the actual percentage would be off from the normal silver content it would mean plated. You might be able to call around and ask if you dropped by would they check it for you.

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