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Hi Corina,


That coin comes from one of the most collectable (and do-able) series of `modern' french coins.


you will also find the same design on 1 Franc and 2 Franc pieces as follows:


50c - 1921 -1929 inclusive.


The key dates are 1921,1928, and 1929 (the latter date being the most expensive coming in at circa $5 in fine)


1 Franc - 1920 - 1928 inclusive.


1928 is not do-able excepting as an essai and these are extremely rare. Key dates are 1920, 1926, and 1927. 1926 is generally the most expensive but it shows up fairly frequently. the 1920 is to me the hardest date to find.


2 Francs - 1920 -1927 inclusive.


The key dates are 1920, 1921, 1926 and 1927. The 1927 rarely turns up and when it does it's expensive.


There are many variations usually centred on the numbers in the dates ie open 4's or crosslet 4's the curls in the 2's 3's 5,'s 6's 9's being open or closed. The designers initials being present , partly present, gone.


It is an interesting series of coins that most dealers place in their junk boxes. You can have a lot of fun with it. Who knows, one day more people will realise that there is more to it than just a date run and they will become much more collectable on your side of the pond than they currently are.


I still don't have a 1927 2 franc piece (just in case there is anyone who does, and who is in a benevolent mood).

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