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Finally found 2 kopecks 1757 SPM nominal above - very poor


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It's a very poor condition coin, but even that one took me over 5 years to find, looking through tonnes of coins on sale at various places, including Russian "eBay", where I finally found this one. The main features are that of a crown, numbers and most of all the above nominal letters and dots. The last letter in the word "копейкИ" should be very close to the St.George image and the horse's leg almost touches it. And naturally it must be an overstrike from 5 kopecks to 1 kopeck SPM (СПБ) and finally to 2 kopecks 1757 with nominal above and reticulated edge. If you may have a better coin in your collection, please show. I've only seen 2 other coins SPM, with this been in the poorest condition, I think.:art:


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Your patience and perseverance was finally awarded - congratulations to your find :art: All the features are clearly showing.

As I am focusing on the copper 5 and 10 kopeks only, I cannot comment much to this coin. What does it make so particular? Our friend  Eugene is on vacation now. I am sure that he will have his word to say about it.

Happy hunting, Sigi



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On some of the MM and EM the letters also close to the horse. That one strikes me as EM. Taller, narrow crown, year numbers differ from SPM, and I dare to assume the edge is not reticulated (netted), but rather has leftover letters as I don't see any signs of 5 kopecks on it.

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Very possible. I do not have the coin anymore to tell. At the time I was searching for rare ones based on the edge types as mentioned in the classic catalogs. I give a lot of credit to you and other researchers taking it to the next level with identifying the mints. 

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The types for 2 kopecks with nominal above in 1757 go something like this:


SPM and MM both should have only reticulated (netted) edge. Whereas SPM and MM somewhat similar, on all SPM coins "1" has a very slim base, and the "ground" under St. George is comparably smaller, among other things.

EM coins have mainly lettered edges with only a handful having reticulated one.

In 1758-1762 EM nominal side types change a little (standardized).

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