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I found your site while browsing the net.


Great place... I think I will hang around here regularly to get some news and what not.


I also recently started a new banknote online store, but since it's new, not much is offered yet, but if anyone is interested, let me know then I will let you know the url, for, I am not sure if I am allowed to post it here and I am not sure if there is personal messenge feature on this site. I will have to explore this site a bit... but, I will be visiting here and share my thoughts and what not regularly on my busy schedule.


Great to be here.

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Everyone started someplace so a small collection is quite interesting to almost all of us. You can put your url link in your signature line and then folks can take a look and watch your progress as you add things. Don't forget you can also keep us updated in the My Purchases thread.

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I am on mobile right now for I am at work, but is there a some kind of post count requirement for profile change? For, I cannot seem to find the sig and profile option change thing. Is it because I am on a cell?




I don't think the mobile version has that feature. You'll probably have to wait until you can use the full pc version.

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I can get at your profile and signature line just fine so that's the problem. I seldom use the mobile app and so I'm not 100% on what works or doesn't work.

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