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  1. Our online store is no more... but that doesn't mean the new updated list won't come out... We have bunch of new stocks in, and attached, you can download the new list... Though we no longer accept Paypal...(Unless if you order from net-steals.com(that you still need to let us know first when you win an item there...) Thank You. Here, you will find our new list. September 8th, 2020. I know, we are still small, and doesn't offer as much as some big dealers do, but the stocks are keep growing, so you can be sure there will be more offered soon. Banknote-Fanatic-Pricelist-090920.txt
  2. Happy New Year everyone, though it's late... I have decided NOT to revive the site afterall... since the site wasn't really that successful in it's 4 years or so that was in business. Instead, I am going to stick with my own auction site. so... you can check out my store on my auction site... It currently have around 100 or so items of the ones I have, but I am listing them daily, so you can check them out at: http://www.net-steals.com/shop.php?user_id=100012 More and more notes will be added daily. The site is FREE to join, and FREE to list and buy. Only time you pay is when your items sells or, if you use any extra charge auction upgrades(which are in few cents each, not by dollars or what have you in E-bay or others...) Check it out. Thank You.
  3. Here is the new pricelist... July 05th, 2019 version.... Thank You. Banknote-Fanatic-Pricelist-070519.txt
  4. Hello. Here is my latest banknote price-list. While I am not a big dealer, but rather, a family owned small business, so I won't have as big as list as some of the big Dealers, these are what I have in stock, and while my prices may not be that competitive, if you order from me, I can promise that you will get the service you seek and then some... I own about 3-4 year old banknote online store at http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com which I have posted about a while back, but that site is currently having some issues, and won't be able to take any orders, but you can still browse my list I am attaching and place order manually. I also run a FREE, E-bay like auction site, and I have listed a few percentage of the notes I have in stock there as well, so you may want to check it out as well... Let me know if you are interested. I will be adding more and more notes as I get them to my price-list, my auction site, and once my banknote site gets back on-line in full swing, but the offer you see on the offline price-list here I am attaching will just stay as offline, for a limited time, and until the site gets back online, so don't miss this deal... Thank You. Banknote-Fanatic-Pricelist-061919.txt
  5. My current site: http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com is currently in maintenance, so you can't place any orders there and among other things, so I could not update it for about a month or so... but, I have compiled the latest off-line price list of what notes I offering for sale. If you are interested, please download the attachment and review the text file. I know, it does not have any pictures to do the justice, but it is what I have up for sale at the moment, with a LOT more notes coming... Thank You. Banknote-Fanatic-Pricelist-060519.txt
  6. I've had this site for a few years now, but I had problems a little while ago, and it was shut down, but it's back now, with a bit of a different url... Now, the new url is: http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com One more S there, due to the fact that the previous url is now taken by some Chinese company... Above link should be the one you should follow from now... Now we have 330 or so different UNC world currencies up for sale(with a LOT more coming, since we are growing rapidly...), and now we are adding the country flags(though it's not much) little by little, you should see some improvement in looks there... Please check it out, and if you have questions there, please let me know either by e-mail, or straight from there... Thank You.
  7. Some of my world banknotes auction on net-steals.com... There are lot more... www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100116 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100675 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100690 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100838 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100118 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100841 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100839 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100260 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100301 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100528 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100257 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100249 There's more there, and more coming soon...
  8. www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100667 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100587 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100484 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100306 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100219 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100274 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100307 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100337 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100332 www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100668 Plus a lot more, and much more coming soon.... Please check it out.
  9. The site was dead for some time, due to my lack of payment to get it going, but it's now back... Though, the url changed to: http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com . There is one more 'S' there, for, the previous url is now taken up by some Chinese ad company.... for reasons.... Please join us... It's FREE to join, and I have lowered(though not much) prices on a LOT of notes... Thank You.
  10. Merry Christmas to you all... Though it's rather late... LOL net-steals.com now features some coins you may want to browse through... More will be added as I find time, and more new members join... So, check it out...
  11. I am no expert when it comes to coins, but here are few of my listings over on my site, if anyone's interested... http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100165 http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100219 http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100218 There will be more listed soon... and you are more than welcome to list your own there... Thank You.
  12. Thank You. As before, you can direct import ALL your E-bay listings(in a different, improved way, as you will see), FREE auto relist for up to 99 times, and now, you have the option to subscribe to yearly store... with some discount... Final value fee still stays at 1.2% and so and so... Hope to see some good people here listing and buying stuffs there as well... I will keep improving the sites as much as I can, and the software owner is telling me that the new update that will be coming will feature such goodies as 'Shopping Cart' and E-bay like feedback system and what not, so once that gets available, I am sure to get it... Thank You.
  13. Sorry to bump this ancient topic, but the news here is that, it's back... After it's destruction with the disagreement with the server/software owner. After several months of absence, it's now back, with www inside the url. with new look, and updated software, with the new update coming... The new url is: http://www.net-steals.com It's still FREE to join, and today, we are celebrating our 3rd birthday(the initial birthday of the original site dates back to December 10th, 2015...) Though with the destruction of the original site, we have lost some 2,000 or so items there, but we are rebuilding it, so we need your help... Please join us, then I will enable you to sell(that's one of the new security feature of the new software, manual... To prevent any bots or baddies to join)... To prevent the disaster that happened before, I have shelled out a huge amount of money for this software, and to get it updated regularly, I need help from people all over... So, if you join us, the real transaction may happen, since I am aggressively advertising this site and 2 new sites built upon this software (that are NOT free which are: http://www.reddot-auction.com, and http://www.onsale-auction.com, which, the choice is yours...) Thank You.
  14. Here is the newly uploaded banknote auction of mine on my site... http://net-steals.com/Lot-of-21-Circulated-World-Banknotes,name,39295,auction_id,auction_details Check it out... Thanx.
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