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Gigante - Who Wants To Buy One?


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Please scroll to 8th post


Along with the old site I lost the links to the few pages that "El Gigante" has been found on. I tried in google for a little bit with no luck.


Anyone have a link to a store that sells "El Gigante"? It is an italian coin book dating back to 1700 I beleive.


Any help is much apreciated.


-Bobby :ninja:

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It's only "Gigante" not "El Gigante", Italy is not a Mexican state (honest!)...

It lists the coins of Italy from 700 to date.



http://www.gigante.it/sito.htm (publisher - sold out)

http://www.alexfilateliaenumismatica.it/cat042.htm (store)


(current auction)


Jose :ninja:

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  • 1 month later...

I need help ordering this book: http://www.gigante.it/sito.htm


From what Babelfish and I can figure out there 2006 cats are there and 30 euros. Good price for me. Can anyone read that site, possibly find out how much it would cost to ship one to the USA?


Many thanks for any help!



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Don't know the Gigante, but it seems that €30 is the price of the 2003 catalog with CD-ROM. The 2006 catalog (print only) is €17.




Problem is, the publishing house apparently ships to addresses in Italy only: "Le spedizioni saranno effettuate (...) unicamente in Italia." So you will probably have to order it from a bookstore.


By the way, they have a forum too http://www.amici.gigante.it/

But I do not know whether it would help to ask there ...



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Everything Christian said is right. ;)


A 2006 Gigante is 17 Euro, but the s/h will be much more...


You can try to order from the Italian State Mint bookstore (It's the only one I've found that ships to the US):

- Go to:


- Click in "Ordina" at the right of the book you want

- Below "qnt" write 1


(Yes the book is 17 Euro but the s/h is 32 Euro :ninja: )


- Click in "Completa l'Ordine"


It's likely that you'll need a credit card...


Other options:

You can check Italian Ebay or browse the Italian coin forum:



Jose ;)

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Looks like you got your answers. If you order this book, could you let me know how it is? I'd be interested in purchasing it as well if its any good. Thanks!

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So that site (http://www.libreriaipzs.com/PagineD/Catalogo.asp?ID=10200)...


I set it to order one book... total with shipping is $58.92 (49euro)


I set it to order two books... total with shipping is $79.37 (66euro) [~$40/book]


Set it for 3 books... total with shipping is $99.81 (83euro) [~$34/book]


If I order 3 books... I get mine for $34. Then if I can sell the other 2 for $34 + shipping from my place, I could ship them after I recieve them and all is good.


So the question comes out...


Who wants one for $34 + shipping from California (93550)?


2 yes's and an order will be placed after I recieve payment (sorry cant afford to cover the entire order).


Also the savings continue the more ordered...


4 = $120.26 (100euro) [~$30/book]

5 = $140.68 (117euro) [~$28/book]




Anyone interested?



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Excellent gpnyc then we just need at least one more person.


Anyone else interested in this book?


Maybe some of you that have shops? The more we order the more we save and you could make money on the deal.



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