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Coin preservation for Sadagura coinage


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I've been really quiet as there has been a fair amount of stuff going on in life.


Meanwhile I have been preserving coins in my collection. First up is the Sadagura coinage. Thankfully I don't have a hoard of them unlike the other collections that I have. One step at a time I guess.


Most of the coins that went through the preservation process turned out to be nicer than they were originally. I documented the before and after.


Best coin that turned out is the 1771 para - 3 dengi. Really happy with this.




The rest of the coins can be seen here.




Hope you enjoy!

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Many thanks for your kind comments squirrel and alexbq2.


Alex - I've been using Verdicare. More information can be seen here. http://www.wizardcoinsupply.com/products/verdi-care.html


The typical result PDF may be a good starter to show what results you may get. I have been getting similar results. I've been experimenting them with lower grade coins before I started trying out with Verdicare. So far, it has been positive. Only time can tell if the patina remains to be the same for the next few years.

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