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help buying ruble 1915


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To me the coin looks like it has some wear but has been wiped or lightly cleaned to make it appear bright. Just for your information, a graded (NGC AU55) was sold this year by Heritage for around $500, so unless the coin really is uncirculated, it's worth far less than 1500 Euros.


Here is the link to the auction: http://coins.ha.com/itm/russia/world-coins/russia-nicholas-ii-rouble-1915-bc-au55-ngc-/a/3035-34819.s


(You have to create an account to see the sale price, but it was $499.)


You might also want to search the Heritage site for all 1915 roubles that have been sold, look at them and compare them to what you have. Your coin has a lot of hairlines that are indicative of cleaning, usually to make a coin look "better" i.e., brighter, so one would think it's uncirculated. I would be very careful before shelling out that kind of money without an informed opinion, either from a knowledgeable collector or dealer with the coin in hand. Pictures are not enough to render an informed opinion, especially with that kind of money at stake.

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