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Possible Anglo-Saxon Penny

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Found in the US or Britian? I am not an expert in the series, but it looks off to me and I don't have books covering that series to very my suspicion. There are others here, however, who know these coins quite well.

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Found in Britain no Way it would be found in the US if you like I can give the ruler at a the time I believe it was made... Okay here's some info you may be able to make sense of because I honestly know nothing about coins...

AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny

Long Cross type
WATCHET mint - Moneyer - HUNWINE
Only 10 recorded in EMC/SCBI - all in museum collections
Also I have my suspicions this coin is fake, but I thought it may be worth checking.
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I'm going to say reproduction. There's lots of repros of silver pennies, and one of the easy giveaways is that they're "too perfect" in terms of strike, centering, and flan.

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Unfortunately this is a modern replica. :(


It has the letters WRL stamped under the portrait which stand for Westair Reproductions Limited.

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