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Hello from the UK

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Hi Im James from the UK, I have recently found a coin collection I was given when very young and hadn't really taken any notice of it for years. I know very little about coin collecting so today I tried to google some of the coins, age and wording and managed to find some information on some and not on others. Some seem to be a rare items. If anyone could help with more information with them and maybe values I would be really interested. I will added a few ever so often but to start with here are a couple.
Thanks James


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Here is another set I have, its comes in a card presentation card. Is the is this original with the coins?

There are two gold coins in this set. Again after google I found they are liechtenstein gold ducat coin, year 1728.

The google photos show clean edges to the coins mine look rough edged and not perfectly round almost like they have been stamped and not finished. Sorry for my lack of technical terms! Anyway pictures say a thousand words.....




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Hello James and welcome to CoinPeople. I can't offer any help on your coins but someone should be along who can. Glad you decided to join us.

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Welcome to the forum. :art:


I am struggling to get the images of your 1937 set to open here. I could let you know a little bit more if you can email them to me or try reposting them.

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Hello. Thanks both for the warm welcome.


Yeoldecollector: which photo would you like me go upload again? When I click on them they enlarge. I can email them if you can let me know your email address?


Regards james


It's the image of the four gold coins in the 1937 red box.

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