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Malaysia 1977 The first king 1 ringgit coin with missing eye ball on obverse there?

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I would like to say hi to everyone in this forum and I have a piece of the Malaysia 1977 The first king 1 ringgit coin with missing eye ball on obverse there.The eye ball along with flame is completely missing at the left position and the eye ball is showing at the right position on the statue which remain back as normal there.It is very obvious to look at it on the surface on obverse side there.I really have no idea for the piece and it was discovered from my personal collection recently which is belong to me right now.

The piece looks very interesting and unusual to me to be honest with you there.I have never ever seen anything like this before as a coin collector for so many years gone by to be honest with you there.I really need the experts to identfy it and let me know what happened to the piece,your personal opinion and explaination in detail are needed by me because it is very important for me to know something about it for sure,your help is always apprieiciate by me as usual.Please notice the position and I will get back to you as soon as possible after your reply to me there.Please check it out on the scans below and let me know what you think.Thank you


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I would agree with you that it must be polished or partially filled die on this piece just like another person who thinks and commented the same thing on the other coin forum there but definely not sure why did the die need to be polished first before minting on the piece which is exactly the similar piece belong to me showing on above there and let me know more about it please.I do apprieiciate your help very much because you are the person who always reply me there.Thank you

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Dies are polished every now and then, and sometimes they get overpolished. Sometimes they are collected, and usually command a modest premium - such as a number of Canadian silver dollars of the 1950s missing partial, one, or more water lines beside the canoe.

The most collectable example would be the 1937 US 5 cent "3 legged buffalo", with most typical examples trading for several hundred dollars.


The importance is that the coin come from a well collected series - otherwise the item will be relatively obscure and value very limited - perhaps no more than $20 as a curiosity, and more likely <=$10.

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