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  1. 1998 nickel die clash was a surprise find was not looking for it,,
  2. thanks i wish it was in better shape,,cheers
  3. here is a nice die gouge creating a horn effect
  4. yes thats a first for me finding this one
  5. looks like a clash from beavers back.
  6. this is a 1980 Pennie struck on a planchet that weights just over 1g
  7. thanks art it is a foreign object i was told almost reflects a caterpillar
  8. neat i like coins with very nice eye appeal,,
  9. hi corina i have found a few like that it is most times lamination errors its almost like a gas bubble
  10. it sure looks like it i have a few canadian with die chips on noses this one there's something on the side of his mouth
  11. yes and those are the ones i love
  12. i have one that looks like your first pic,,does your coin looks like its been polished heavily?
  13. i was told this is a strike through
  14. found this one in a roll of 2006 pennies other side of coins is clean
  15. after a few more i found this after taking more pics,,i see die clashes but it also shows signs of a mortar set
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