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Mystery Coins


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I bought a grab bag of 50 coins from Amazon and in it came two coins in Arabic that have just eluded me for the past two months. I have been searching so much and I can't seem to find out what country this coin is from. Will somebody please help me? Thank you in advance. The coin with the building on it is from 2000, and the other coin is from 2005. Sorry that it is not a very good image. I will try to describe them to you as best I can. Both of them have a backwards crescent moon with a star. On the top, there is something in Arabic.


Coin Photo 2.jpg


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I am curious as to how often you order from Amazon for coins? I generally don't like ordering grab bags of stuff w/o at least seeing what is in the bag. The blind purchases I usually make are for junk silver coins but I know from experience of having sold things on Amazon that they automatically add $3+ in shipping for an item, which would make these coins more expensive than the ebay route. I would like to know if there is an effective way of buying coins off Amazon.

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