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Rotated 10 kopek


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I spent two weeks in Russia in 2001 on an exchange program. I was not really into collecting during that time, otherwise I would have picked up some coins while I was there. I did bring back all the circulated change that I had left over, and I mounted it all in 2x2's last night and found something. One of my 10 kopek coins had rotated dies. The reverse was maybe 30 degrees off from where it should be (or 150 degree off from the obverse if you want to look at it like that). Is this a common error with Russian (not soviet) minted coins?



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I can tell you it is quite common with Ukrainian coins, I have a bagful of them, and several have rotated dies, and even different milling on them in the same years.


Things to consider with Russian coins, they are minted in two mints, Sankt Peterburg, MM - LMD, a carryover from the Leningrad days, and Moscow, MM MMD.

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