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Royal Mint and Pobjoy Mint a striking difference

Dave Kane

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I've been getting up close and personal with my coin collection, looking for mint marks and designer signatures and I've noticed that there are differences in the striking of coins even if they look the same.

The Royal Mint and the Pobjoy Mint have used the same effigy of Queen Elizabeth II 1971-1984 by Arnold Machin. At a casual glance the obverse of the coins produced by both mints look the same but close inspection of the detail of the coin shows that the Pobjoy Mint obverse is not so detailed as the Royal mint version. The hair in the Pobjoy strike is smoother with less strands of hair the Queens eyebrow is hardly visibly and the obverse of the Pobjoy Mint coins has a matte frosted appearance. The rim of the royal Mint coins are beaded and the rim of the Pobjoy mint coins are toothed. The photo's I have are not detailed enough to see the differences so if you have any coins from this period compare them.
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