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Papal medals anyone

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Use Google Chrome as your browser at least for foreign sites because it can translate pages on the fly.


Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, looks like 3 dashes one above the other.
Select Settings.
Scroll to the bottom, Click Show advanced settings.
In the "Languages" section, use the "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read" checkbox to adjust this feature.


If it does not translate a site that has multiple language versions select any language but English, because most automatically select English for you and they normally only translate some items, by forcing it to use a foreign language Google will translate the whole page.

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Questo catalogo numismatico delle monete e medaglie di Mantova (e Casale Monferrato, sotto la dominazione gonzaghesca) ha l'obbiettivo di divulgare la conoscenza della monetazione mantovana e di fornire un insostituibile supporto agli studiosi, numismatici e collezionisti della zecca di Mantova riportando il maggior numero di informazioni possibili sulle monete e medaglie riportate.


Becomes this, which is just a small part of the page, the whole page translates almost instantly.


This catalog numismatic coins and medals of Mantua (and Casale Monferrato, under the domination of Gonzaga) has the aim to spread the knowledge of the coinage valance and provide an invaluable support to scholars, collectors and numismatists of the mint of Mantua reporting the highest number information as possible on coins and medals given.

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