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  1. Good day. You posted about a jeton and sadly I could not access or see the photo that you posted. I have stumbled upon a Hans Schulte jeton. After searching, I could only find reference of other designs as the one that I have. Do you perhaps know anything of this particular jetton ? 



  2. I'd forgotten this one. There are alternative varieties of this medal, here is mine. It doesn't feature the aberrant "2nd" seen above.
  3. I'd forgotten that. It appeared on some of the early copper centavos but was quickly replaced by la union hace la fuerza. Same meaning really. I used to collect Bolivian medals of this period but stayed away from religious medals, which this seems to be. I can't even think of a reference work that might cover it although an Argentinian site called moviarg.com does cover some other S.A. countries.
  4. Sadly you've washed out the image with too much light. Can you please take close cropped images of both sides and tell us the weight and diameter, also what you believe the metal to be.
  5. I think that it may be a coin case. There were similar cases in England to hold a sovereign or half sov.
  6. Barre is either this man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques-Jean_Barre or one of his two sons. Your image is unclear, is that the full extent to which it opens? I would usually expected to see a small knife blade concealed within.
  7. The top medal on this page: http://www.theeasterrising.eu/140RoyalVisits/RV.htm is the one usually attributed to Parkes. Count the shamrocks, there's a different number. A large variety of medallions were issued, only 4 or 5 officially, and the literature is sketchy. The official issues are listed in Lawrence Brown's British Historical Medals Volume 2. The BHM numbers start around the BHM 1130 mark.
  8. This design was used on a range of sporting trophies, frequently with a suspension loop. Although Victorii is a Romanian word, in this case it is merely a case of Deco styling. I would suggest that K. A. R. stands for King's African Rifles. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/594236467/antiquevintage-silver-medalmedallion?ref=similar_items-26
  9. This is beautiful and, as a Dieges & Cust fan, surprising. I love their academic and sporting medals but have never encountered anything like this. Sadly, there is little in the way of references for D&C.
  10. It's a Simcox and until I'd checked I was unaware that they'd made them in this style without the laurel wreath edge. I'm not so sure about the depression in the middle. Can you check by running numerous diameters through the centre that the hole is actually central? I'm getting the impression that it may be post mint damage.
  11. I think the population may be expanding. This one has a reeded edge and is struck on a 24 mm flan. Terrible condition but it's looking hopeful for a BHM 995.
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