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  1. Here's an example for your use! Yarm
  2. I took a look at the WM version of this medal I have. It is 51mm, 25.5gms with the edge is inscribed in Dutch. Oddly, there appear to be more raised "rims" than on the silver version and leaves me with the impression that the outermost rim is attached (like a mount) but not part of the medal itself.
  3. This thread and Constanius' link covered the topic. Nevertheless, I had occasion to open up a 1936 version of this medal and examine the inner ring. The inner ring had a single lion hallmark on the outside and XVII etched in large letters on the inside.
  4. Out of curiosity I looked into the construction of the medal's case to see if there was the name of the manufacturer. Nothing. I was surprised how improvised it looked inside but I suppose 82mm medals weren't that common.
  5. 50 years of Worship as a priest? Nothing specific to a jubilee in the medallic record for 1869 http://numismatica-italiana.lamoneta.it/anno/1869
  6. Thanks, I don't think I would have ever made that connection! I searched and found quite a lot of interesting things about Christmas in Sweden in the meantime. Bob
  7. The case that came with this medal was so grimy I couldn’t make out the lettering. After a bit of cleaning, the lettering became much clearer but so far I’ve made no sense of it. Can anyone read fancy script like this?
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