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1797 Polushka - EM?


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The "E" in the mintmarks on the coins of Paul I seem to wear very poorly and almost always wear to what to me looks like a square shape before disappearing altogether. I wonder if it has something in common with the weak strikes in the centers of the 5 and 10K's from the 1830's?

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Back in the day "a guy I used to know" bought a coin from Russia on ebay. Not expensive. A couple of weeks later, a thick package arrived. A book about Pushkin, in Russian. What the heck?! No note of explanation. Just a book. On shaking the book nothing fell out. Feeling a bit duped he looked through the book anyway as there were pictures. One of the pages felt a little 'different'. On looking more carefully he was surprised to find two pages carefully glued together, the coin nestled between them. This wasn't a wire kopeck or anything tiny like that and it was amazing that the book just seemed to absorb the volume of the coin. You could never tell it was there.


Cloak-and-dagger stuff!



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Alas, typical USSR stuff... it is the whole truth... :swoon: You can only send the coins there -----------> but not <--------- back. There are a few people on e-bay from Russia and Ukraine that I encountered through the years who sell coins and may be happy to help you to get something from a local auctions for a small commission. You never know if you will get it, but so far I have never had a problem. As long as it is not a heavy item for the letter... After all, it is not a rare coin. Still I wish they would change the hypocritical export law in regards to coins. It only makes people feel bad, I doubt it really serves the purpose, not when Russia is in the free market space...

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