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  1. The "E" in the mintmarks on the coins of Paul I seem to wear very poorly and almost always wear to what to me looks like a square shape before disappearing altogether. I wonder if it has something in common with the weak strikes in the centers of the 5 and 10K's from the 1830's?
  2. IMO, it does not look cleaned. I like the overall look. I think it is a nice coin and looks original to me.
  3. This seller doesn't really stick to any one particular issue of fake. I have seen Siberian, silver, Paul, all sorts of things. I just avoid whatever he is selling before the greedy little monster inside of me gets me to waste a bunch of money on a coin that is surely going to be proven fake after I have bought it.
  4. I see the difference the most in the "E" in the mintmark which on one coin is completely separated from St. George and the Dragon and not so on the second, the tassel on the top of St. George is clearly visible on the second and muddled/worn on the first and where the overstrike occurs on the K of kopeck you can see different strikes more clearly than the other parts.
  5. Is it struck over a ten kopeck? It sure looks like it but I tend to stay away from overstrikes simply because my eyes are bad. I see the ten clearly but can not make out what type.
  6. This is a really helpful post. It's so much easier to see what people are talking about when talking about certain details on coins that are easily seen in a photograph provided by the author. Photos in reference books seem to be too blurry or low quality most times.
  7. How are you determining which coins were struck were? What are the clues that you are looking for on the head and in the horse's mane? Please share info. Thanks!
  8. That looks like an Elizabeth piece, right?
  9. Happy Holidays to all as well! I'd say my favorite numismatic moments this year all involve working on my daughter's and my collections together. And finally receiving a beat up 1806 5K after finding one affordable enough for my collection! Nicer ones to come!
  10. Keep sharing the photos, especially of the overdates. Every time I buy a coin from ebay in particular, I hope to find an overdate overlooked by the seller.
  11. This is the reason I still love to shop in junk boxes and on ebay in lots especially. The more you learn and look, the more likely you are to find something of unnoticed value. I found a 1743/1 Russian overdate denga (I believe, without looking?) which I bought cheaply to begin with then discovered the overdate which made my day.
  12. This is an interesting thread. I like when things present themselves fairly easily.
  13. Wow, I am rapidly learning that hammered coins are not for the hard of sight. How did you even make out that "d"???
  14. Well thank you for the assistance, folks! I am looking for a copy of English Hammered Coinage by North. I think I may have one copy on the way if it works out right. I purchased older editions of Spink and Coincraft off of Amazon. I figured that I can get a feel for the books and the field and not spend a ton of money on the most recent editions. I am looking more to learn about identifying the coins and their legends which seem to really give me a hard time. Prices and things are irrelevant and the internet is a better resource for current prices. I am really enjoying learnin
  15. Thedeadpoint: feel free to use this or repost it however you wish. It's all about knowledge and friendly help here, I believe. I think also that comparing notes and working together we help each other stay interested in the hobby and save each other from being burned by bad buys which only throw good money after bad people and may turn us off to the hobby which would be a shame to ruin something we all obviously enjoy. I spent the better part of my childhood and early thirties mostly just accumulating coins without much direction or directed education. Now I have moved from enthusiastic
  16. Well, I am encouraged. I don't think that my coins are nearly as nice as Steve's or BKB's for example, but I am happy collecting the series. It does seem to attract a lot of dug up examples and I think that its unfortunate that so many are just in a nearly completely ruined condition. Then you have things such as this, where I do not know what to think of it, much less bid on it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Imperial-Russia-2-Kopeiki-1797-Paul-I-Very-RARE-coins-Original-coins-/330842787198?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item4d07c44d7e I can not even be certain it is genuine, because it looks
  17. Does anyone in the forum have a specialty in Paul I copper coinage? I am working on a set of Polushkas, Dengas, 1 and 2 Kopeks in F-XF. I have noticed that most of the Polushkas and Dengas after 1798 are tough as well as all KM and some AM mints in decent grades without super inflated prices. Any advice?
  18. GX, I agree, that was my first instinct on this coin (besides being from a shady seller) that set off alarms. In my experience, the whole series of 2K coins under Paul had a problem with weak strikes where the 2 and the center of the word kopecks are typically weakly struck and wear quickly. This coin is meant to show age by possibly artificial toning (couldn't think of a better word) yet the overall strike is very strong.
  19. Here is the link for an Ebay auction by a seller who has been known to try and sell "spurious" material at best. This is a relatively rare coin in the Paul I copper series, at least rare enough that I never see them up for auction on Ebay and I am a regular bidder there. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Imperial-Russia-2-Kopeiki-1797-Paul-I-Very-RARE-coins-Original-coins-/330842787198?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item4d07c44d7e Looking at this coin, what key markers would you identify to rule out authenticity? I have a reasonable feel for spotting and avoiding replicas/counterfeits. I am also
  20. I think our friend has a new coin up, but I can't remember if this is the same seller since the links with the original post have been removed from Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Imperial-Russia-2-Kopeiki-1797-Paul-I-Very-RARE-coins-Original-coins-/330842787198?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item4d07c44d7e
  21. Hello Hiho, On that 1697 Farthing at the top, it appears that the 6 and 9 in the date are doubled. Does anyone know if that is common in coins from that era? Is it a value adder or just something common. It seems pretty sharply struck twice. Just curious. Nicholasz219
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