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PCI2013 Silver - Group 4 Submissions


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Enter your PCI2013 Silver - Group 4 submissions in this thread. Please remember the formats and rules and have lots of fun.


1. You may enter as many of the groups as you wish.

2. You may enter three (3) coins in each group.

3. Submit only coins that belong to you - no borrowed coins or borrowed images

4. A heading before each coin image url should in the following format:

...your ID; tree ID; group ID; coin description

For example: Sylvester, Silver, 1901-2000, 1930-P USA Standing Liberty Quarter


5. Images of the coins must be in omnicoin.com --- reasons for this have been discussed on a number of occasions.

6. Please post your images for each group in a single post in the proper thread for that group.

7. Post only the url of the image -- not an img post









8. Include a brief description of the coin/item that you would like included along with the image in the competition. Here's your chance to bring the historic importance to the forefront.

9. The submission threads will be opened when PCI2013 officially begins and locked before the first competition postings take place. Until they're locked you can edit your post to make whatever changes needed. Make sure you tell us when you make a major edit. Please do not add additional posts to the submission threads.

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