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Found 9 results

  1. Hello- I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to get a single coin (or 2) to commemorate a 10 yr anniversary for an employee at our small business. We would like to get an estimate on this in gold or silver. We would like it to have some value. Is this even possible? We would like to possibly get our logo, core values, 10 yrs, etc on it. Anyone have any ideas? When checking online every place I saw had a minimum or of 100 or more coins. That's not what we would like. Your help would be greatly appreciated. ~ Jeniffer
  2. rflight

    First Coin?

    Witch one would you choose for your first coin? Looking for a rare item rather than just a bullion price. What do you guys think? 1. 100€ Gold coin centenary of the republic of Estonia 1918-2018 100€ Gold Coin 1918-2019 Centenary 2. Gold and Silver coin set Gold and Silver Set 1918-2018
  3. Can anyone authenticate this coin? If this an original, copy?? Its made out of low quality silver, weighs about 28 grams. thanks!
  4. Can anyone authenticate this coin? If this an original, copy?? Its made out of low quality silver, weighs about 28 grams. thanks!
  5. For sale: Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1855 silver 60.00 euros Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1858 silver 60.00 euros Netherlands KM#82 2,5 Gulden 1865 silver 80.00 euros Sorry I can't attach photos (why???!!!!!). If you interested in any of these coins please PM and I will send photos to your email address.
  6. For sale: Solomon Islands KM#40 10 Dollars First Lunar Vehicle with astronaut 1992 silver 0.925 / 31,47 g. proof 30.00 euros Gambia KM#36 20 Dalasis Rendezvous in Space 1993 silver 0.925 / 31,47 g. proof 30.00 euros
  7. Got a huge number of ancients to put up on my Ebay store.
  8. Hi Guys! Does anyone know much about 5oz silver china medals?? There is an auction at Stacks&Bowers tomorrow, Tuesday 17th at 9AM and I'm about to bid on these lots: 6192. 1985 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL NGC PROOF https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AMGU 6193, 6194 - the same 6195. 1986 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-69 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ3G 6196, 6197 - the same 6198. 1987 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-67 https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-6AJ43 6199. 1987 5oz CHINA SILVER MEDAL PCGS PROOF-69 https://auc
  9. I picked up these two greek coins from an estate sale recently. I'm trying to identify exactly what they are. This one is a silver stater coin from Phaistos from what I have found online. Looks like it is Talos on one side and a cretan bull on the other side. It weighs 10.5 grams with the bezel. I am planning on having it tested, does anyone know what the alloy breakdown should be if it is authentic?? Any information would be amazing! Thanks!!
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