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World coins struck in various metals / elements


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Inspired by a collector called Jim Rugh who collects coins and medals in various elements, I decided to give this set a go. This set would only include coins that were issued (no private mint tokens / medals). Personally I didn't think it was that hard other than it being expensive as you would include precious metals in it as well. Turns out I was quite wrong! While I bought all of my precious metals many years ago when gold was 700 dollars and silver at 5 dollars (yes it was that long ago), there was just one element that remained illusive for many many years. This element is antimony.




I'm missing coins struck in these three elements: manganese, titanium, niobium. I figured I can get them any time as there are plenty of examples floating around - except I don't quite agree with the prices.


Here's my couple other favourites:






Hunting these coins might have made me a metal head but I think it made me appreciate how different metals were used for various reasons whether it's economical reasons, marketing ploy, novelty and such. Maybe this might spark an interest in you in doing a similar set?

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So you must add to your collection the copper electroplated aluminum coin of 10 Prutah 1957, the famous US 1 cent and 5 cents WWII coins (Zincoln and 35% Silver Copper Manganese nickel), one ceramic German notgeld, one Austrian silver-palladium 25 euro, Japan occupation tin 10 sen...

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I like the idea but only for circulating coins. The ones doen purely for collectors rub me me the wrong way a little.

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