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Dimes of the Caribbean


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Puerto Rico 1896

10 Centavos

2.50g, AR900


Puerto Rico's only coinage was in 1896. I believe that even after becoming a US territory in 1898, that the local currency continued to be valid / used until the 1910s, with they were withdrawn and replaced with regular US currency.

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Danish West Indies 1905

10 Cents / 50 Bits

2.50g, AR800


And from America's other Carribean territory we have this dime from 1905, when it was the Danish West Indies rather than the U.S. Virgin Islands.


It's denomination of 10 cents and weight fits in with an American dime, but its 800 alloy is that used by Denmark, and the "50 bits" a reference to the franc coinage system. Indeed, the reverse is somewhat similar to that of the French 50 centimes of the day, and the Danish West Indies Franc was pegged at par to the French Franc.


When the DWI was purchased by the US to become the USVI in 1917, the local currency was converted to USD at a slight discount of about 3%, meaning that unlike with Puerto Rico, the local currency likely disappeared soon after the changeover.

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I have quite a bunch of Dominican Republic coins, most I have collected by asking the people I worked with if tey still had some old coins. Usually I they had some and I could get them.


They used to have the same denominations as the USA and Canada : 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, half peso and peso, also the same sizes.


but, the peso devaluated quite a lot, so these small denominations aren't used anymore for a long time. When I first was there in 1999, they were already no longer used. It was a 1 peso coin that was circulating and for the rest notes (5, 10, 20 etc)A 5 peso coin was introduced too and since a few years they have 10 and 25 peso coins too.

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