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  1. Any one have any information on this token. It reads *HOTEL*/15/E. JAENICKE-DE GRA" I believe it is from Europe in the 1920-30's. Reverse is the number "15"
  2. Great site. I really enjoyed the high quality pictures. Had not ever seen actual images of many of the coins.
  3. The Dimes threads are great. Enjoying comparing the different coins.
  4. Nice tread and interesting topic.
  5. Reminds me of finding Canadian coins in circulation in the US. Especially the pennies. As a kid I would go to a local bank and ask for any they had and they would always have a few. Very nice presentation on the digital book.
  6. This is a really great resource for token collectors. Many times it has helped me identify unknown tokens. tokencatalog.com
  7. All really impressive notes. Most I have never actually seen before.
  8. This is an effective way to neutralize undocumented/unaccounted for money in circulation. What other countries have done this? I am familiar with Switzerland, but not of any other countries. Also from the collector standpoint it has made the larger denominations (Swiss) much more collectable as they are valued well below face value. I am curious to see if the same effect occurs when the next series of Swiss notes is devalued in either 2020 or 21.
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