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I have a coin, but i dont know anything about it?


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Looks OK to me ... 1913 Tercentenary rouble, flat strike variety, VF grade (IMHO), but some nasty scratches and/or grafitti on the obverse, probably cleaned some time ago.


As to mintage, there were two varieties -- flat and embossed strike. The flat strike variety is listed as very rare in some references, if it is listed at all. But more recent statistical studies indicate that the real relative scarcity is that there are about 1/3 as many coins available for sale at auctions of the flat strike variety compared with embossed strike, i.e. the flat strike is not that scarce at all.

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This is a .900 silver coin and weighing 20 grams, it has about $17 worth of silver in it so definitely not a coin you want to throw away


In very nice BU condition, this coin might easily bring $200-$300 or more in today's market. In XF/AU condition, around $100 - $150. In VF condition, maybe $40-$50?


Here are some recent prices:


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