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1939 Satirical Medal Nothing Much Changes

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Yes, it is aluminum. My partisan views are the exact opposite of the token, but I love the political satire, especially when it points in my direction. I think I have posted the following a year or so ago:




Humor is so often the best medicine for what ails us. I always told my kids to stop laughing when they would get angry. It is hard to stay angry when you start laughing.

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I love these as well regardless of the side they take. There is a grand old tradition of expressing political rhetoric on independently minted coins/medals/tokens and its cool to see two separated by so many years but saying basicly the same thing. :)


They dont get much more politically charged (and bitter) than this one:




This token/medal has a lot to say, the full break down and close ups can be seen here:



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Not an anti-Nazi token, but this satirical piece carries the American argument back to the late 1800s. The dispute over the value of gold and silver was essentially the same argument as today, do we have a restrictive monetary policy to protect wealth or a liberal monetary policy to promote prosperity. Greatly simplified, but the mechanics are roughly the same with gold and silver hard money taken out of the equation.



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And the anti-Nazi satircal piece:




Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch. The Nazis are shown as puppets and the jester laughing at them is a Communist.

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