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1772 Para: opinions?


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No one has responded yet over in the fakes forum, so I thought I would ask here. Here is the link to the original thread:




Considering how high the one in the Sincona auction went, I think someone probably paid $400 for a fake. But I'm not certain. If it is a fake, it is very cleverly done.

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just comparing the ebay coin with your linked image, they are very close, but there are some differences. The horizontal lines above the date are different. Also the horizontal lines below 'PARA" dont match. The letters seem ok. The crown and the shields seem crude, but that could be due to wear? I think checking with other examples is needed, and of course, seeing the coin in person.

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coin looks original. The mintage was huge (there are no clear records, due to all the fraud that went down) It was also bronze, which really ate those dies up. So, there is a very big number of different die pairs. Hard to find 2 coins from the same die pair . That said, this could be an original, or an altered original, or a fake made to look like a dug-up original. Edge would help, also it would be interesting to see what the coin really looks like (color, etc.) If the edge is ok, I would say original.

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I heard the story once of German soldiers finding a room full of the things and literally scooping them up with their helmets.

Must have been a house of the PARA tax collector! ;) I'm sure at some stage they were very common when they became obsolete and people didn't know what to do with them... or the government with leftovers...
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