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Straits settlements 1907H King edward VII 50 cents silver coin with original shade.Is it rare or common?Help please


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I have a piece of straits settlements 1907H King edward VII 50 cents silver coin and it has original natural shade with shining luster surface on both sides.There is also no black spot at all on obverse side and there is some black spots appeared on the reverse side.I have seen more than 10 pieces of this similar piece and none of them is without black spot on the surface just like this one.Beside that,those coins have no shining luster surfaces like this one for sure.I would think this is the cleanest and the most eye catching piece that I have ever came across for so many years gone by.Unfortunely,I cannot confirm that this is the only piece with the original shade in the market and probably there are plenty of the similar pieces with the original shade just exactly like this one outside there which I have not yet seen before.Honestly,I really like this coin very much and I would not sell it if I cannot get a good price.I need someone who can tell me if this original shade with shining luster surface on this piece is rare or common thing happen on other similar pieces.Please let me know about it and refer to the scans below.Your help is always apprieiciated by me.Please check it out and hope to hear from you.Thank you.




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I see hairlines on the reverse. I'd grade it AU details.


Can you see there is a damaged at the zero there beside the hairlines?It would still grade it as AU DETAIL if it had no hairlines on the reverse side because of the damaged there.The obverse is in fantastic condition but not the reverse.I apprieiciate your comment.Thank you

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If I'm to grade strictly by original lustre remaining (of which I only see immediately around the legends), I'd have to say EF.


As KoRnholio noted, the reverse has been cleaned.


Yes,you are right about it and probably it is just graded it as extra fine condition atleast on the obverse and looks like the reverse is cleaned before to be honest.The best looking of this coin is just on the obverse.Thank you for your personal opinion and comment very much with your reply.


I will never send it to the coin grading company for grading because it is not qualify to be graded at there.Thank you

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Given the image post, this coin would be graded at EF. The reverse shows wear.


For this series of the 1907-08 50cts coins, I have seen many of these coins similar to yours are of BU / UNC conditions. Those coins were struck off from worn out dies or weak dies. They have full lustre or brilliance that cannot be forged.


Full detail BU / UNC piece - RRR

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