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Ok... pretty but absurd...


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Russia must have realized their amazing success on bimetal coins... especially with the commemorative 10 rubles ancient city series.


But this time... Russia decided to go over the limit and decided to mint bimetallic coins in precious metals for the first time in 2004... in unreasonable proportions. My best guess is that Russia did not really want to lose out to the ex-USSR countries, where they have been minting interesting coins for the past few years, such as Belarus and Ukraine.


Nevertheless, this is the coin that is on auction, and the price is still going on...


Auction Link


Pretty but very pricy... well, there is some 4ounce of gold and 4.5 oz of silver... that should explain everything ;)


Here is a link to the details of the coin:



I guess collecting Russian coins is getting more expensive than ever before... :ninja:

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