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Crazy Box! 2000+ Wheat Pennies in one $25 Penny Box


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Hey guys, just wanted to share with you this amazing box of pennies I picked up to coin roll hunt through. I have been CRH'ing for two years and this is the first time I have ever found anything like this. In the $25 box of pennies (Canadian currency as I'm in Canada), I found what appears to be 2000+ wheat pennies from various dates! Some even go back to the teens! I am still in shock and surprised. I put coin roll hunting videos up and have been doing so for quite a while and just added this amazing box to YouTube. Words can't possibly do this justice so I am sharing the link here if you want to see the finds from my first five rolls and the rest of the box! I've also posted videos showing the pennies from almost every roll in the box if you want to check them out!. Thanks guys, let me know if anyone else has ever found or heard of such a high number of wheats in a box before smile.gif.


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Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the kind words. Have had a lot of fun looking through the box and seeing what is in there. Glad to hear you guys have had some luck to smile.gif.


For anyone interested, I have posted videos showing the finds from each roll from this box. Here is a link to the first videos which had TONS of old wheats, going back to the 1910's!

. Enjoy smile.gif.
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