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  1. I have a 2001new York state quarter with possible errors Can anybody help me identify these errors. Date on reverse is wrong....word freedom is misspelled gateway is misspelled got alot going on in reverse and obverse https://photos.app.goo.gl/6HsSkZy7JgnNCzNu8
  2. Looking to Trade Aafes POGS. I am trying to put together 3 sets for my daughters and I have plenty of trade material...
  3. 2017 AAFES POGS have been released ?? That would be the 16th Printing . I am looking for some if some one should come across them. Thanks for the read. Tracy US ARMY Ret.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm in need for automated bidder for ebay, I usually buy 20-30 coins at a time and sometimes it's hard to navigate through the auction and it takes me a lot of time. I found this website iSnipe.io that has good reviews online, can you confirm it really works before i proceed? thanks
  5. Multiple $10, $50, $1, $2 bank notes. Very old. Some pre 1905. Very good condition. Can not upload image from phone as it says file too big. I can send pics or give more detailed descriptions. Sent picture to HA.com and with in 5 min they called and offered Thousands of dollars for a few old bank notes. Also have huge collection of coins (US currency). Have not even begun to scratch the surface on coins. Please help me figure out what I have found and what I should do to preserve/donate etc..
  6. RARE 100th anniversary Centenary of the Republic of Estonia Designer SIGNED GOLD COIN 2018 SIGNED by both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets 2018 makes this coin unique and one of a kind. The gold collector coin for the centenary of the Republic has been designed by Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets. Its design features the Estonian national flower, the cornflower, and the oldest Estonian geometric design, in which the symbols represent perfect happiness, development and balance. This RARE GOLD COIN is of proof-like quality, Au 999, measuring 22mm in diameter and weig
  7. Hello numismatists ! The collecting coins with images of animals is very popular among numismatists. The countries that issue coins with animals, collected in a useful catalog at Facebook page CoinZo. The collection includes coins issued specifically for circulation in the period from 1900. For numismatists there is information of coin image,the obverse, reverse, Krause KM. At the page CoinZo added coins from different countries with animal images. For the convenience of users we made the publication in Russian and English. The official Facebook page of company CoinZo.
  8. Hi, I have recently been given lots of coins and bank notes of all sorts of currencies, Many differentiate between themselves and there is many that are or seem exactly the same. So please i would appreciate the patience and my inexperience be excused while i start to post and ask many different questions. Thank you Tamzen
  9. Hello, I have just joined "coinpeople.com". I am a mew collector to buying and selling coins. My particular interests are in Ancient Roman, and Napoleon I coins. I am also running a co-store online with the hopefully help of some collectors and volunteers that I can find here. My plan is to bring together a number of sellers and also collectors to work together. That way, it is easy for anyone to "buy,sell, or exchange". As I am still a "new member", I have to wait for "30 days and 25 posts" before I can start buying,selling or trading. But please, if you are interested in my idea, pl
  10. Hey Guys! Me and my dad don't talk much, but.......... together we've collected coins for the past 20+ years Does anyone know how I can get some of the coins valued??? I heard amazing things about this site, let me know if you can help. Peace out Jay
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0F27-4IppF-rNPAUBM3zw https://coincombinat.wordpress.com/blog/
  12. hi i have found some coins and many more would like what for coins they are and if they are worth some thing or not there is also 1 Seal ~ Mark . thanks .
  13. CBM-Store.com July eBay auction ------------------------------------------------------------------ Coins, Banknotes, Military Medals, Sports Collectibles, Lapel Pins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bid now: http://stores.ebay.com/Coins-Banknotes-Militaria-Store
  14. http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/18/middleeast/israel-gold-coins-discovery/index.html http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/18/divers-find-priceless-trove-of-gold-coins-off-israels-mediterranean-coast VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J_JQMLO8FY
  15. Morning, I recently bought a small collection of Pre-WWII and WWII banknotes and coins from a small militaria shop near to where I live. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me more information on the notes/coins, as I purchased them specifically because of the dates they were printed/minted. If someone could give me more information or even a value I will be very grateful. I have graded the notes as honestly and fairly as possible. I bought all of it for £10, and quickly bought them home and put it all into protective sleeves and cases. As I walked in he had just
  16. I've been largely inactive with my coins and medals for several years but recently got my website (www.napoleonicmedals.org) back online and have begun re-photographing my collection. Hope to talk to everyone soon. Vern
  17. I have a very complicated case, maybe you could help me to find answers. I have a commemorative silver 5 Euro coin issued this year in original round plastic capsule. Coin was issued by national bank in Proof (!) quality and issue limit was 10 000 coins. National bank informed collectors that design of this coin will contain 3 national flags that will be in colours. There are no other designs- just this one with 3 flags in colours. Coin I bought from national bank was with error in its design- 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag were missing (colour is missing on 22.2% of surface where it should have
  18. Hey everyone, So, the Content team at Gainesville Coins reached out and did a bit of research on what coins experts within the industry are most interested in. We limited their responses to just 3 coins in order to narrow it down to their absolute favorites. I think we pulled a fairly decent array of personalities--some people were hardcore numismatists, others were avid bullion stackers, and still others were primarily financial analysts--that represent a diversity of expertise with coins. Some gave detailed explanations, while others were matter-of-fact. We asked our esteemed panel, “If
  19. Hello again. Thanks for the answers to my scratchy Lincoln cent obverse. It looks to be a common thing that has to do with the die at time of striking. I got an XF 1909-S for 115. Just because the seller put a caution that it may have been cleaned. I win. Having to do with my Lincoln collection, I would like some opinions on Coin albums. I have had my collection in Whitman folders for all these years. I have all UNC from 37 to date. I have made many upgrades through the years. Now it's time for an album. I assume,,,, Dansco (7100) is the way to go. 1909 to 2009. With extra holes for a few
  20. story http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/news/the-royal-mint-strikes-silver-coins-from-seventy-year-old-sunken-bullion link to purchase http://www.royalmint.com/shop/SS_Gairsoppa_Britannia_2014_UK_Quarter_Ounce_Silver_Coin
  21. Buying single items or collection. * Russian copper coins: 1)18th century in VF condition or highest grade 2)19th century in EF condition or highest grade *Russian silver coins: 18th century minor coins (denomination from altyn up to polupoltinnik) *Rare Russian coins buying in any grades *Specialize Russian Numismatic Literature *Specialize Russian Auction catalogs *Collectors archive, letters ,notes or documents related to Russian numismatic. Please send offer by personal message Thank you Rarenum
  22. Maybe this will be interesting for community members. This is a very powerful software i am using now for managing my collection. It allows to manage inventory of any collectibles. I found it extremely useful for my coin collection management. There are customizable statistic, collectible templates and reports. Free version is available (i started from this). http://lignup.com/coincollecting.html Hope this will save some hours of searching for those who need it.
  23. http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/man-loses-keys--finds-15th-century-relics-instead-191705805.html
  24. I’ve been a coin collector for most of my life, and I’m also a programmer. I think I can build a free tool for collection management that’s better than what currently exists, but I’m trying to decide if it would be worth my time to do so (I don’t want to spend a few months building something that only I would use). My girlfriend (she’s a programmer too) and I put together a short video of what I’d like to build. The video is at 43copper.com. I’m interested in finding out whether or not a free, full-featured coin management system would be something people would use, and also what features
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