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I'm Back and then posted in wrong forum <sorry>

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For those who don't know me, I own www.russian-coins.com


I thought I'd say "hello" and ask how the market is going.


Looking to sell the 5-Ruble collection.


Still needing the 1766 2-ruble gold and peter silver kopeck (not wire money).


What is a XF 1914 Gangut going for? (previous Markov Russian Sale piece).

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Missed the blowout but then again those prices are high.


I guess the prices are still high for the remaining items in the free world.


Nothing is wrong with the Gangut. It is item 799 (with images) from Markov 2001 Mail Bid #10 (catalog says VF but we all know it is XF).


Website hasn't been updated in many years.


The Gangut maybe the desired coin but my Novodel 1654 (from Basok Rusty Pennies #6) is hard to beat.


And now the story....

I had bought several coin from Alex over the years. And was considering going after "serious" coins instead of the easy finds. So I asked Alex at a show in Indianapolis, if he had anything I "should" be looking for instead of buying anything I find. He said he had a coin in auction #6. It could be bought outright or i could do the mail bid thing. He also suggested a book. I could read more about the coins or collect the coins. I bought the coin and decided that hunting for the better coin was more enjoyable then the casual search.

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I do not think Markov undergrades his coins. The low end for Gangut would be $7000 or so. And then depending on the actual condition.

What are you planning to do with your 5-rouble collection, sell it at an auction? Probably a good time for that. Seems high grade 5 roubles, that are not the most common, bring huge money, especially if slabed.

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