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  1. Missed the blowout but then again those prices are high. I guess the prices are still high for the remaining items in the free world. Nothing is wrong with the Gangut. It is item 799 (with images) from Markov 2001 Mail Bid #10 (catalog says VF but we all know it is XF). Website hasn't been updated in many years. The Gangut maybe the desired coin but my Novodel 1654 (from Basok Rusty Pennies #6) is hard to beat. And now the story.... I had bought several coin from Alex over the years. And was considering going after "serious" coins instead of the easy finds. So I asked
  2. Here is one (former World Wide Coins of California).
  3. Hello, For those who don't know me, I own www.russian-coins.com I thought I'd say "hello" and ask how the market is going. Looking to sell the 5-Ruble collection. Still needing the 1766 2-ruble gold and peter silver kopeck (not wire money). What is a XF 1914 Gangut going for? (previous Markov Russian Sale piece).
  4. Hello, I have been absent for a while. I was reading the RNS journal and saw the article on the 1841 Marriage "Ruble". I have one with GUBE in latin script on both sides. It is Die pair 1 (reverse has the bowed bow string). Coin described as: Russia 1841 Marriage Ruble Plain Edge bought from M. Louis Teller around year 2000 The obverse is so high relief that I can't get my flatbed scanner to focus without blurring the field. Just thought I'd let the specimen count go up one.
  5. Okay, I have a certain curiosity on this issue. What two coins are not in the same rarity sequence as desirability sequence. As an example, I believe that the Gangut Ruble of 1914 is more desirable than the Alexander III memorial ruble of 1912. Even though all sources say the 1912 is rarer (more rare, fewer of them). I ask others if they know of such other examples.
  6. Thank You for the RNS article. For those wondering what it was like buying Russian Coins before the Price Arms Race, the catalog expected price was $800.00 to $1000.00 and it was just another entry with illustration, nothing special. I won the auction with a bid of $550.00, much to my surprise. And that is what it was like to collect Russian Coins, gold and otherwise, in the mid 1990s.
  7. Here is the coin scan from my 2008 posting to this forum.
  8. Question for RWJ. Stacks/Coin Galleries auctioned off a 1796 ducat in their November 6, 1996 Mail Bid Auction, Lot# 1963. Was this one of the 22 known specimens? TI on truncation Probably Obverse A and Reverse 1
  9. Okay, I was wondering if there is a curiosity premium on a copy of the GDC I have. It is not the one a use but a spare copy a bought several years ago. When I bought it off ebay (yep, less than $50) it didnt mention that the pages were not properly cut. A section is slightly tilted in the binding and as a result, the pages are still connected. So do binding errors add a premium? I have a few odder questions for the future.
  10. Okay, People ask about coin values, but what about the value of a coin site? Any bids for russian-coins.com ?
  11. well, www.russian-coins.com All there except the Gangut (I am still working on an update). Got a Mariage Medal/Ruble to be posted. P.S. I know I alternate between Ruble and Rouble. It's to keep Puttan guessing.
  12. Well, the crown of my collection is a loose set... 1654 Novodel Rouble and full commerative rouble set from 1834 Alex I Memorial to 1914 Gangut but I will always have a special place in my heart for the 1756 poltina in gold...
  13. You know..... At some point I am going to realize that some posters here are "thread killers". If the post is of no interest then stop after reading.
  14. Okay, We have all seen the fake 6 and 12 ruble, gangut rouble and Constantine ruble coins on eBay. But has anyone seen an authentic one on eBay? What about the ten denga coin on eBay for the last 4 months? So here is the question: What is the rarest authentic Russian coin seen on eBay?
  15. Thanks BobH. Forgot auction was not in Russia. As for buying out half an auction, I bought out the entire imperial russian coin stock of my local coin shop. It took a year but it was all mine. Nothing very rare, but I got the bragging rights for russian coin domination in my city.
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