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EXPIRED - Want to trade for the following...

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Early teens and 20s - but no specific dime- just the silver dimes in low MM s- send me your address via email to kbob74@juno.com


Trade not essential- will accept cash - K

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I am looking to trade for for the following Statehood Quarters. All my specimens are from circulation (somebody's pocket change).


Missouri 2003 D

Arkansas 2003 P

Arkansas 2003 D

California 2005 D

Minnesota 2005 P

Minnesota 2005 D

Oregon 2005 D





Did you ever make a deal for these? Want me to check what I have left?

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Hey Arto - I've got them for you . LMK yer addy - U can have them for face plus postage - K :ninja:



Thanks K but I have all of them at the moment.

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