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Hi, I've inherited a coin collection!

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My Grandfather collected coins for many years and I remember him showing me the latest coins from the Royal Mint when they arrived. Sometimes he bought new coins in silver and gold also. Apparently he also has some older coins in his collection. He often made the comment 'I'm leaving these to you and your sister' and it seems he was true to his word. We haven't got them yet but I thought it might be useful to find out a little bit about coin collecting and I thought it might be interesting for those of you who know all about it to discover my 'treasures' with me (or laugh if they aren't much good!)


I look forward to speaking to some of you on the forum.





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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. It will be fun to see what your "treasure" includes. (Sorry about your Grandpa.)

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Hi, thanks for the welcome!

Might be a week or so until I get to see them But I have been told there are a few soverigns (not mint) and a gold James II coin dated 16??. I have a coin book coming from Amazon so hopefully I'll be able to identify them when I recieve them.

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Welcome to the forum! :art:


We very much look forward to seeing the coins and please give us a shout if we can be of any help. :)

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Got the coins today. The James II coin is a gold guinea, 1685. Judging by the photo's in a book I've bought the condition is Fair.

Also have a 1890 gold sovereign - Fair/Fine

1901 gold sovereign -very fine

1903 gold sovereign -extremely fine

and a 1930 gold half sovereign - very fine.

Have been identifying as many as I can in a book I bought and others of some note are:-

1819 crown

1887 crown

1897 crown

1843 half crown

1838 shilling

1877 shilling

1883 shilling

I have been trying to take photo but struggling with getting detail without a flash, any tips would be gratefully received!!

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I really should try and find out before I ask questions! This is a close up of what I think you mean.It's the P under the hoof we are looking at isn't ot? Does the SP? beside the date mean anything?



I believe it to be BP and this would stand for Benedetto Pistrucci who was the designer of this particular reverse design.


As for the P, that is indeed the mint mark and designates it as being of Perth mint, Australia.

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